From the creative team behind Gurren Lagann, comes an off-the-rails anime that is just one hell of a ride. Ryuko Matoi is a wandering student who searches for her father’s murderer, and enrolls at Honnouji Academy where she believes she might find some leads. Wielding the giant scissor sword that was used to kill her father, she encounters the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin, who not only recognizes the sword, but might also know the murderer’s identity.

This is a show that clearly knows where it stands, and provides intense action in an overly comedic sense, holding nothing back in the process. The creators throw you right into the ridiculous world of Kill la Kill from the first minutes of the first episode, and its basically mind-bending action and perverted jokes from there. This isn’t a show that’s realistic, this is a show that’s trying to be as far from that as possible, and it really just wants you to have fun watching. 

The biggest appeal to this show is that you just don’t know where it’s heading next, and what kind of hilarious antics or stupefying battles the characters will get into. An academy that’s led by a student council president bent on ruling the world, students wearing “Goku Uniforms” which provide superhuman powers and vary in power from 1 to 3 star uniforms, and a protagonist wearing a sailor uniform that consumes her blood to turn into a suit of armor that is as powerful as it is revealing, this show promises to kill genres and redefine them as immaturely as possible.

We recommend giving this show a try if you’re looking for a show that doesn’t take things seriously, and if you’re just in the mood for something different than the typical anime scene of today. We’ll be back later this week with coverage on the next episode; until then, keep checking back for things anime-related!

-The A7 Team

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