The wackiness continues in the latest episode of KILL la KILL, where we find Ryuko and Mako desperately trying to make it to school on time! But standing in their way is an amusement park of pain, and Ryuko’s uniform Sanketsu is still being cleaned. And to top things off, today is No-Late Day, where if the students can’t make it past all the deadly traps set by the student council and to school on time, they get expelled!

This week, the creators take a break from the usually intense fight scenes and go a more comedic route, resulting in the most ridiculous 30 minutes of anime we’ve ever witnessed. Pitfalls, boulders, minefields- seriously, this episode has it all. The writers certainly held nothing back this time, including several gratuitous panty shots (because why not?), only further establishing KILL la KILL as a terribly fun show that will always poke fun at the audience and at itself. Once again, we recommend you watch this show while keeping expectations for a logical story and realistic setting as low as possible; if the picture above doesn’t explain it all, KILL la KILL certainly doesn’t intend to be that. 

The preview for next week’s episode looks to continue Ryuko’s journey as she attempts to defeat all the student council members and eventually reach Satsuki Kiryuin, who continues her plans for world domination. So please check back next week for our coverage on the next episode, and keep coming back for all things anime-related!

-The A7 Team 

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