First of all, we’d like to apologize for this segment’s absence within the past couple of weeks. The A7 Team has been working hard to get the hours of Nebraskon footage edited and ready for your viewing pleasure, causing a delay on some of our content. Fortunately, we’re picking things back up again, and- no promises, but we might have our special GUEST VIDEO ready after the weekend. Now, back to our ongoing manga:

This week, we join Naruto and his comrades after they’ve finally defeated Obito. The question that remains is: what shall they do with him? Should he be killed? And if so, who will get to decide his fate? Kakashi returns to the battlefield while these questions are still in the air, and seizes the moment to finally take Obito’s life, as his former comrade and teammate. Minato stops his hand, and the three have a face-to-face discussion where each comes clean and admits their mistakes. Obito has lost, and now Naruto, Sasuke and the Alliance look towards Madara Uchiha and face their next, and hopefully last battle. 

Now that the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuuriki has been defeated, we’ve got one overpowered, God-mode enemy down, and one to go. Project Tsuki no Me has failed (as far as we can tell), so Madara’s plan has pretty much flopped. It makes one think, what the hell has Madara been doing, to let Obito take control of the Ten-Tails and screw up? Sure, he is fighting the First Hokage, but he’s barely breaking a sweat. Almost seems like he’s got a Plan B up his sleeve… As for Obito, its still a mystery if he’ll help Naruto, or just sit around and cry like he has for the past 50 chapters. After all, they’re not going to kill him. It’s Naruto. The ideal of giving the bad guy a second chance still remains strong. But if Kakashi does kill him, we won’t complain.

Next week, there will be a short break for the manga, so we’ll return with Naruto Chapter 656 in two weeks. Until then, keep checking back here for things manga-related!

-The A7 Team


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