Let me give you two useful pieces of information: One, if you haven’t been watching Kill la Kill, you’re missing out. Two, what makes this show so great is how you can never tell what’s coming next. In this episode, Ryuko encounters Tsumugu Kinagase, the Kamui hunter and bane of all things consisting of life fibers. Sure enough, he’s after Senketsu and will stop at nothing to separate Ryuko from her partner, believing that Kamui are evil beings that simply turn humans into monsters. Satsuki and the Elite Four take note of his presence, hearing that Kinagase has been the cause of multiple attacks at Honnouji Academy’s affiliated schools, and decide to let Ryuko handle him. However, the assassin also appears to have some sort of connection to her homeroom teacher, Aikuro Mikisugi, and the mysterious organization referred to as “Nudist Beach.”

Kill la Kill gets back to some serious action this time around, and introduces us to a new badass of a character who, amusingly enough, appears to be a big fan of sewing. Hell, both of his machine guns are actually sewing machines that shoot pins and needles, and the dude is equipped with grenades that resemble spools of thread (and to top it off, he’s got one awesome mohawk). It’s the little things like this that give Kill la Kill its signature, ludicrous vibe. Also, we finally get to see another one of the Elite Four, Nonon Jakuzure, take on Kinagase as the leader of all non-athletic clubs. With orchestrated horn music playing in the background as we watch Ryuko dash through the school and discover one by one all the clubs Kinagase has obliterated in his wake, it’s just parodical nonsense and good fun until the two finally face off against each other. Their first battle outside of the school is another good taste of the action that made episode 3 so great, and we even get treated to a couple of heartfelt scenes between Ryuko and Senketsu that simply further establishes their bond to each other.

Next up is Ryuko’s first battle one-on-one against the athletic head of the Elite Four, Uzu Sanageyama, who appears to have some tricks up his sleeve, and a very unique Goku uniform. We’ll be doing our coverage of episodes 6-7 within the next few days, so please keep checking back!

-The A7 Team

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