Some of you may remember the Toonami Supernova Megamix, an intense music mix 27 tracks long of Toonami sound bumps, character quotes and electronica riffs that had been crafted by none other than DJ Clarknova himself, along with Brent Busby to make the group called “Skull Island.” It had been released last Christmas on Toonami’s tumblr page as a free download for all the Toonami Faithful out there.

Well, guess what? Skull Island is BACK, and they’ve announced Supernova’s successor- IGPX: The Ichi Megamix. An IGPX-themed, 70-minute mix of the show’s best tracks, quotes and outtakes as well as some lines from TOM and Sara themselves. Toonami plans to release the album for free download on their tumblr page come Christmas Day. 

Toonami has asked the fans to come up with cover art for the new album, and will be accepting designs for it on their tumblr page from now until December 22nd. The winner will receive one of the new Toonami t-shirts being given away, so break out whatever tools you may have at your disposal and put your skills to work guys, because there’ll be lots of fan submissions! Advent Seven will be entering the contest as well, so ya better make ‘em good, or get ready to lose!

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