In a new deal made by Disney and Paramount, the company in charge of your childhood (whether it be Disney Princess movies or Marvel comic books) has now acquired the marketing and distribution rights to the Indiana Jones franchise. Technically, Disney already owns the Indy rights because they came with the Star Wars deal last year, but this new deal allows them to market any possible future films that will be made.

This could be good or bad, depending on your point of view. On one hand, this could mean a fifth movie is possible. On the other hand, THIS MEANS A FIFTH MOVIE IS POSSIBLE. Really depends on whether or not you liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which we hear not many die hard fans did. Harrison Ford has expressed interest in acting the role again, and the Disney CEO has also said he would like to “monetize the brand.” This is still just a possibility fanboys, so don’t go apeshit just yet. However, when thinking about a Mickey Mouse crossover, we think Indy’s face here says it all.

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