Next February, veteran Toonami fans will get to see the revival of the classic genre-breaking action show, Samurai Jack, on the block. Recently, Toonami has been airing less American animation due to the lack of new shows available this side of the coast, so it’ll be refreshing to see such a beloved adventure again.

What can we say, it’s SAMURAI JACK. An epic about a samurai who is sent forward in time by the evil entity Aku, and witnesses a future where it has taken over the world and plunged everyone into despair. A show that redefined genres and raised the bar for both artistic style and storytelling. It’s a heartfelt story about someone trying to find his way back home, full of both charming and somber moments which are supplemented by the show’s superb soundtrack. We’re excited to see Samurai Jack on television again, and hope that many newcomers will get to witness its greatness as well.

Toonami hasn’t confirmed a specific date for the premiere, but we’ll update our Twitter page when an announcement has been made. The show ran for four seasons before being cancelled on September 25th, 2004. Series creator Genndy Tartakovsky is still hard at work on the Samurai Jack movie, which will conclude the story, and hopes to start production soon.

Picture via HD Wallpapers X

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