The first trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, the new live action film based off of Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s light novel, was released by Warner Bros. on their Youtube page a couple of days ago. Sakurazaka’s book, entitled All You Need Is Kill, follows the story of a soldier who repeatedly dies during humanity’s final fight against invading forces and wakes up again prior to the battle, tasked with discovering a way to win the war and breaking this cycle of samsara.

Viz Media published All You Need Is Kill under their Haikasoru imprint back in 2009. The movie is slated to premiere in select theatres May 30th next year before finally opening in theatres nationwide on June 6th, and will star Tom Cruise (he sure likes sci-fi movies these days, huh?) as the leading protagonist. And despite Andrew’s protests of how this should be turned into an anime instead, the rest of the A7 Team is eagerly looking forward to this movie (the exo-suits certainly look bad-ass)!

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