Hey guys, Andrew here. Honestly, nothing sucks me into a show better than great music. So, when I watched the new trailer for Hamatora, I immediately got hooked on its catchy electronica beats and livetune-sung lyrics. Hamatora is a new, upcoming anime directed by Seiji Kishi (Danganronpa, Persona 4: The Animation) which has only been described as a “super-powered mystery x battle entertainment” mixed media project. Whatever the hell that means, I’m sure it’s awesome.

The story centers on “Minimum,” a special hereditary power that is only present in certain human beings and apparently grants them unique powers. These people with Minimum are referred to as “Minimum Holders,” and have recently all become targets of a murder rampage by a mysterious serial killer. However, the detective team of Minimum Holders called “Hamatora” have been called upon to crack the case.

Hamatora’s production cast brings together names from previous titles such as Persona 4, Danganronpa, Blood Lad and even the series composer from Durarara!!, Makoto Yoshimori. With its impressive score, fluorescent colors and supernatural storyline, Hamatora looks to be a very promising show for the upcoming anime season.

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