ONGOING ANIME: Kyoukai no Kanata EPISODE 11

Due to some busy schedules and delayed coverage on our part, we’ve decided that between now and the end of the series, there just isn’t enough time to cover the previous 4 episodes. Therefore, the decision was made to simply move forward to the most recent episode and just start from there. We sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, and will try to improve our site so as to keep you all updated on the latest things anime-related. That being said, let’s move forward to episode 11 of Kyoukai no Kanata!

Tensions are getting high as we approach the climax and conclusion of this thrilling tale. Akihito has finally woken up from a 3-month coma, only to realize that Mirai is gone, along with Beyond the Boundary and his immortality. Everyone assumes the fight is over, and the Nase family has won in defeating Beyond the Boundary. However, each warrior’s spiritual powers are slowly fading, and Akihito keeps hearing mysterious sounds coming from the sky above. Unbeknownst to all, an anomaly has appeared in the sky that seems to reflect their town- a whole other dimension.

It appears that Beyond the Boundary- a youmu that transcends our material plane- is still not dead, despite Mirai’s sacrifice, and has at least one trick left up its sleeve. This episode does a clever job of building up excitement while depicting an apparent fallout of emotions from Mirai’s death, and how Akihito deals with waking up to a reality he hasn’t been part of for some time. Izumi Nase’s intentions are more or less revealed as to why she allowed Mirai to sacrifice herself, and while justifiable, still could’ve yielded to better options. Hell, if she just told everyone, they could’ve tried to separate Beyond the Boundary from Akihito without 10 episodes of confusion. Throughout many broken hearts, hopes given up on and even a heartfelt text by Mirai sent to Akihito from the grave, we consistently see this second Earth floating above the town, building curiosity and a sense of impending doom (reminds us of that moon from Majora’s Mask, haha). While mysterious, it also proves how impressive the talent of KyoAni’s development team is. What really made this episode though, was the last 2 minutes of animation, which was beautifully choreographed and synced well with a replay of the show’s opening song. It was enough of a thrill to make us watch it multiple times! Moreover, this episode did a great job of bringing the events of episode 4 full circle, and proving its relevancy to the overarching plotline.

Overall, a great episode leading up to the final exodus of KyoAni’s latest masterpiece, offering nearly every character enough screen time to show how Mirai’s disappearance affected those around her. Considering the plot developments made within the last few minutes, one can only guess what happens next. But, we can already tell from the preview that it’s going to be awesome. So until the next episode rolls around, try not to let the anticipation get the best of ya.

-The A7 Team

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