You read that right, the fabled ronin classic is finally going to be available for streaming on Crunchyroll’s website starting today for Premium Members, and January 1st for free viewership. The anime service giant will also be providing both the SUBBED version and the DUBBED version, for all you fans out there with a certain preference. Premium Members will get access to all 94 dubbed episodes and the first 4 subbed episodes right off the bat, while other viewers will get to watch a new arc every two weeks until the rest of the sub is made available.

Can’t wait to get your fix, but don’t want to pay just yet? Good news, Crunchyroll is offering a free 30-day Premium Membership trial right now, so you can watch the whole show and test the waters to see if this service is right for you or not (it’s really quite easy to set up, and can be canceled at any time).

Old anime fans, rejoice. New anime fans, prepare to get classed. We don’t know of anyone who DOESN’T like this show, and even if you might not find it your cup of tea, it’s still worth watching such a world-renowned anime. As fans who saw the original dub on Toonami back in the day, we couldn’t be more psyched for this. Kenshin Himura really is an original badass.

Picture via AnimeMay

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