Production I.G.’s newest hand-drawn film, Giovanni’s Island, had its first full-length trailer released yesterday, and it looks gorgeous. The movie is a tale of two brothers living on the island of Shikotan, which falls under military control by the Russians after Japan loses “the most devastating conflict mankind had ever experienced.” Their father is soon captured and taken to Siberia, causing the two boys to embark upon a journey to see their father once again and hopefully bring him back.

Based upon a true story from historical events, this film looks very promising and eager to tackle themes of war, family and friendship. For you fans out there who love a good tear-jerker, this might be the next movie on your list. Giovanni’s Island is being directed by Mizuho Nishikubo, and will premiere in Japanese theatres on February 22nd. And regardless of how the story turns out, the animation just looks incredible. Seriously, you can’t find good ol’ hand-drawn animation these days…

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