Harem fans, rejoice! The best anime around featuring cute girls, skimpy outfits and kick-ass fight scenes is coming back at ya for a second season, and its sooner than you think: April 2014! Only a year after the premiere of the first season, Date A Live II will debut sometime during the spring season of anime next year. 

Date A Live tells the story of Shidou, an average high schooler who encounters the Spirits- girls from another universe with magical powers. He soon discovers that these ladies are so powerful that their mere presence can obliterate a city instantaneously, and that he is the only one who possesses the ability to seal their powers- by kissing them. It’s a ridiculous show, and certainly not anything new in the anime scene, but man… some of the A7 Team just can’t help but love this show. Seriously, if you’re a harem fan, Date A Live is worth checking out.

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