Now that Obito has been defeated, we find Naruto, Sasuke and Hashirama fighting against Madara Uchiha, the last and final opponent of the series. The past four chapters have been covering this fight, and starts off with Madara pulling off one of the most nonsensical plot twists we’ve ever seen: HE BRINGS HIMSELF BACK TO LIFE. Using Black Zetsu (who isn’t dead, of course), he possesses Obito and uses the Rinne Tensei to revive himself. Not only that, but Madara appears to be able to absorb the ninjitsu of others now, and quickly obtains Hashirama’s Sage Mode powers. After a quick dance with Sasuke, Madara sets his sights on the nine tailed beasts, and using a resurrected Gedo Statue, grabs hold of each one and begins to pull them into his grasp so he can become the ten tails’ jinchuuriki and continue with his plan for worldwide genjutsu.

The question of the day is, why the hell did Madara revive himself?? It doesn’t make any sense, considering being an Edo Tensei, he possesses unlimited chakra and cannot die. It could be argued that, because his real goal is to become the juubi’s jinchuuriki, he needed to become a living human again. But, if that’s his true goal, why didn’t he try that from the beginning, instead of fight Hashirama while Obito nearly accomplished this goal himself? Who knows, he’s probably just crazy. Also, it was nice to finally discover the origin of Black Zetsu, who is really the manifestation of Madara’s will. In retrospective, that’s pretty lame and kind of creepy… but we’ve been wondering about him for a while and finally got to put that question down. However, Black Zetsu should’ve been dead a long time ago.

So right now, events that are taking place in Naruto just seem to be filling in for time. Moreover, the plot twist with Madara reviving himself felt needless and repetitive at first before realizing that he also intends to become a jinchuuriki. He seems to have finally caught the tailed beasts with the Gedo Statue, and ended 659 with the cliffhanger of threatening to separate Naruto and Killer Bee from their respective partners. Well, whatever happens next, let’s just hope that the plot doesn’t go full-on into Bleach territory. *shudder*

-The A7 Team


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