Oh c’mon guys, you knew we were going to review this! Space Dandy’s first episode turned out just as good as we had hoped- head over heels hysterical, tons of extraordinary aliens, and LOTS OF BOOBS. It’s got everything you need, and everything you love!

If you haven’t heard the plot of Space Dandy yet, then that’s totally fine… because there is no plot! It’s just a dandy guy, his old robot and a dimwit alien hunting around the galaxy hoping to discover new species. Considering how the first episode ended, this show looks to be more of an “individual adventures” kind of comedy instead of an over-arching story. And that’s good, as the last thing Space Dandy needs is to be taken seriously.

The first episode alone completely swept us off our feet. Space Dandy skipped past all other jokes and broke the fourth wall right off the bat, with the characters directly referring to the narrator. Not only that, it had everything from cool spaceships and cute girls to giant robot fights and even blowing up an entire planet in the end. Couple all this with some quick-witted humor and erratic animation, and you’ve got a class clown of anime on your hands. Honestly, this could be an exaggeration, but we think Space Dandy might give Bobo-bo Bo-bobo a run for its money!

What is interesting about this show is how well it manages to establish a broad world for Dandy’s escapades to take place in, despite the shallow plot, through loads of uniquely-designed aliens and the briefly-mentioned war between two intergalactic forces. Once again, viewers shouldn’t look for the rich story that would usually come with such a setting, as this anime is still purely good fun and nonsense. It’s just surprisingly nice considering this is still a story in deep space, and a vast universe is required in order for that to work.

As Dandy says, it’s best to just go with the flow. We learned this lesson once Dandy and Meow arrived on the ill-fated planet full of new aliens, and the second things went haywire, we just couldn’t follow what was going on anymore. The nonsensical action and hysteria was just too much, and we not only lost our minds in laughter, but we were also completely lost in what was happening and decided not to care anymore. Like Dandy said, we just went with the flow. And dammit, it was great.

We couldn’t be more psyched for the next episode, and we hope you’ll be joining us on Toonami this Saturday for the party that will be Space Dandy episode 2! For you fellow ramen-lovers out there, this next episode could either entice or disgust you, so be warned!

-The A7 Team

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