Hope you all enjoyed the holidays to their fullest, and made some wonderful memories. Advent Seven is back, and this year we’re coming for ya with guns blazing! Got some cool stuff planned, and if we can stop spending so much money on anime and figures, we might even hit up a couple more conventions this year (and hopefully get that Nebraskon footage out to you guys, ‘cause it’s WAY overdue). We’ll even be posting about some of the cool stuff Andrew and Alex saw during their 5-day trip to Tokyo! Up above, you can see a part of Shibuya Central Crossing that Andrew managed to snag a picture of with his smartphone! We’ll also be wrapping up coverage of Kyoukai no Kanata soon, and start coverage of some brand new shows from this season’s new anime lineup! 

Here’s to new beginnings, and a whole year’s worth of big and exciting changes for all of us! Keep checking back for some great surprises we have in store, keep looking up, and stay gold.

-The A7 Team

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