The first part in Isuna Hasekura’s three-part visual novel World End Economica was green-lit earlier today for release on the Steam platform in English. Steam is currently working with other companies that have already released the game so players who’ve already bought it can get Steam Keys. In celebration of the game being green-lit, the Steam community will be holding a raffle for the first novel’s soundtrack.

World End Economica is set in a future where humanity has begun to colonize the Moon, and follows a boy named Haru who wishes to “stand where no man has stood before.” In order to accomplish this goal, he decides to manipulate the stock market and gain the capital he requires.

Doesn’t sound half bad, and the music for the trailer certainly caught our attention. In all honesty though, it would just be cool to play a Japanese visual novel on Steam. Definitely much easier than buying the game overseas and trying to read kanji or using a fan translation. You can find the Steam homepage for World End Economica here.

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