Yesterday, Adult Swim’s Toonami block announced on their tumblr page that they would be airing Black Lagoon starting March 22nd. Black Lagoon will be replacing Soul Eater after the latter finishes its 51-episode run the week before. 

Black Lagoon follows Rokuro Okajima, a normal business man who is captured by the pirate-mercenary team known as Lagoon Company while delivering a disc to Southeast Asia as part of his job. Rokuro is forced to join Lagoon Company and aid them in their attempts to smuggle goods into the Southeastern harbors as a negotiator, and along with the other three members of the company, participates in many violent escapades. Black Lagoon, based on the manga by Rei Hiroe, originally aired in Japan in 2006 with a run of 12 episodes before spawning two sequels, and is currently licensed by Funimation.

Definitely wasn’t the show we were expecting to replace Soul Eater, what with the long list of other Funimation titles that could easily qualify as Toonami-worthy, but Black Lagoon does seem to promise us plenty of violence and action. Maybe this’ll hold you Attack on Titan fans over until Funimation has the dub for that show ready for Toonami…

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