Why? Just… why? Live-action anime movies NEVER turn out good. NEVER. Just look at the Death Note movies! Look at the new live-action Rurouni Kenshin! What’s next, a live-action Evangelion movie??

Fuck this. We the people need to stand up for what is right and put a stop to this movie, for all anime fans! …Either that, or we just completely pretend like this movie doesn’t exist, just like [name omitted] and [name omitted].

Sigh, still. It can’t be ignored that Rupert Sanders, the guy who made Snow White and the Huntsman, has now been signed on to direct a 3D live-action Ghost in the Shell movie. God, help us. The script will be written by some dude named William Wheeler, who apparently wrote The Cape, and will be produced by -wait for it- Avi Arad. Yes, that guy who wrote the Spider-Man trilogy. Also helping out with the production will be Ari Arad and Steven Paul, who worked on Ghost Rider and Tekken. So, this means that names from some of the worst movies you could possibly think of are having a hand in creating this adaptation. Only way this could get worse is if M. Night Shyamalan comes in and alters the names of every character, and George Lucas decides to come out of retirement so he can add lightsabers to the guns. 

Let’s all just hope this one stays in development hell. On the brighter side of things GITS-related, the new Ghost in the Shell Arise Border 3: Ghost Tears OVA is looking to be one hell of an installment.

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