The biggest action harem anime around is back for a second season, and Kadokawa has given us a new promo of what’s to come- and damn, it looks big. New characters, new developments, and apparently a MUCH BIGGER BUDGET. Hell, just look at the new Ratatoskr ship in the trailer’s first few seconds! Not to mention, the new opening song just sounds fantastic.

Date A Live II will continue the story of Shidou Itsuka as he attempts to seal the powers of the Spirits through dating them so these super-powered girls don’t destroy the world! Adapting the light novels by Koshi Tachibana, the new season appears to cover the story arcs from novels 4-8. The entire production cast from the first season will be returning, involving talent from titles such as Jormungand, Gosick, A Certain Magical Index and Naruto. 

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