Okay, we honestly can’t even watch this trailer more than twice just because its pretty creepy. selector infected WIXOSS is a new original animated story from the director behind Steins;Gate and J.C. Staff, and despite some weird and possibly cliche’ suspense vibes, this actually looks to be pretty interesting.

Not much is known yet about this mysterious original series, other than that it involves girls who, when filled with either hope, desire or greed, are taken from their world and forced into a dangerous mind-game. Honestly, its just nice to see a new upcoming anime that isn’t based off of a light novel or manga, because we don’t get many of those these days. Click here to go to the project’s main website- oh yeah, and for any of those who are wondering, it’s pronounced “wi-cross.” Yeah, we know. The Japanese just love overly-complicated, nonsensical names.

EDIT: The previous PV we posted was taken down, so we’ve replaced it with a new upload from another account.

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