Satsuki has lead Honnouji Academy’s troops across the entire continent and nearly subjugated every last opposing school in their wake. All that’s left is Osaka, but will Ryuko be able to put a stop to their plans?

Turns out, defeating Osaka’s leader Kaneo Takarada is actually fairly easy. Attempting to control his people with greed by giving them money works sufficiently until Satsuki arrives and proves that the key to subduing the hearts of men isn’t money, but fear. Takarada still has one last card up his sleeve though, and introduces his anti-Goku Uniform fighting machine: the Dotonbori Crab Robo suit. Sanganeyama steps up to the plate, and in turn debuts his new Goku Uniform, the Blade Regalia Mk III. A brief scuffle and a kendo stick up Takarada’s ass ensures the winner of the battle at Osaka, until our favorite scissor-wielding badass arrives to finally take back what Satsuki stole: a red glove, the last fragment of Senketsu’s uniform. The battle now escalates, and Satsuki’s true intentions behind the Tri-City School Raid finally come to light in an all-out war.

Episode 15 ended in quite the bittersweet victory for our heroes- they fought Satsuki off, but Osaka was brought down to ruins and Nudist Beach left exposed (ha!). We got some serious doses of that oh-so-insane action that the minds behind Trigger are so well known for, and things escalated into a battle that didn’t just involve Ryuko, but all of her friends and loved ones as well, which raised the stakes. Ryuko also pulled out every one of her new abilities which she had obtained throughout the show’s first half in her duel against Satsuki, and instead of a draw like usual, this time Ryuko actually won! She manged to get the best of Honnouji Academy’s queen, and checkmated her. Definitely a sign that our hero has improved since their first kamui fight. However, this victory was made to no avail, and both Osaka and Nudist Beach’s base of operations were lost in the conflict. Wherever our heroes go next, it’ll be hard to get back on their feet.

Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better finale to this story arc, and now we’ve reached the end of the season’s first half. With all that’s happened in the past 4 months, we can only imagine just how much crazier Kill la Kill will become by the end of its run. But regardless of what happens, we’re sure we’ll be left with a few more surprises. Satsuki, a new Elite Four, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime- Ryuko’s still got many more fights coming to her. And let’s not forget the true meaning behind her father’s work- a secret we may finally discover in the next episode. All this as well as a new opening for the show will begin next time on Kill la Kill, so we hope you’re as psyched as we are!!

-The A7 Team

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