What is up with casting these days?? First we get a British Peter Parker, and now we’ve got someone who’s at least 10 years early with far too much hair for his role. It was confirmed last week through Variety that Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. have cast Eisenberg to play the titular archenemy to the Man of Steel himself in the new DC crossover movie.

Why, you ask? As Zack Snyder puts it, to add a twist to what’s historically been a stereotypical villain. Snyder insists that changing up Lex Luthor’s appearance altogether will add a refreshing take to the nefarious genius. And while we understand that Eisenberg is capable of playing the mysterious mastermind (ex: Now You See Me), how much can you change a character’s face before it’s just not the same person anymore? 

Alongside excessive crossover cameos and concept art that transforms your favorite superheroes into bloodthirsty vampires, Batman vs. Superman is looking to be a more disappointing trainwreck than Sucker Punch. Now, we have been proven wrong before with surprising cast roles, so we’ll hold back some of our opinions until after seeing the finished product. However, we would’ve preferred Lex Luthor to be played by a meth dealer instead of the founder of Facebook.

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