It’s a fine day to be a Toonami fan, as the popular action cartoon block has just announced they will be creating a NEW Total Immersion Event– and guess what? It’s the SEQUEL to the very first TIE adventure, The Intruder. Toonami will start production soon, with a TBD air date set some time next year. Sure, it’s a long ways off, but there’s a catch: Toonami wants us, the fans, to spread the word about their new special this weekend through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. with the hashtag, “#intruder2.” Depending on how popular this hashtag gets will determine just how big Toonami intends to make this story.

Just… WHOA. Who would’ve thought we’d get to see another TIE event?? And so soon, too! Toonami’s only been back for a year and a half now, and we’re already experiencing things that previously were unthinkable. Impossible. Unimaginable. The fans haven’t seen TOM and Sara star in their own unique adventure since Trapped In Hyperspace, which was aired many years before the block went off the air. It’s been a while, and with our favorite robot and A.I. duo now on Adult Swim, it seems the sky is the limit.

For those who’ve never seen The Intruder, it was a big first step in Toonami’s infancy on Cartoon Network. TOM was forced to go up against a mysterious and ruthless force that nearly destroyed his entire ship. It was a seemingly random attack that ended just as quickly as it started. You can view the entire 20-minute movie here on Youtube, and with the return of the Intruder, we might finally get some answers as to what that thing truly is. Either way, the weight of this announcement is tremendous, and we hope you’ll all be tweeting along with us like crazed, socially-inept 14 year old girls this weekend!!

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