Aw, snap! We finally get our first look at Marvel’s new brainchild movie, Guardians of the Galaxy! The trailer was first revealed on… Jimmy Kimmel Live? Um. Well, whatever. Among all else, this movie looks hilarious. Hell, the trailer is snarky and sarcastic- just imagine what the whole damn two hours is gonna be like??

Based off the comic book of the same name, this movie will be Marvel’s first cinematic foray into the deep space mythos of the Marvel Universe. It’s a huge gamble on their part, considering the Guardians aren’t nearly as well-recognized as Iron Man and Captain America, but the company is confident enough in its script that they’re taking a leap of faith. And that’s a good thing, we need a breath of fresh air from time to time. Moreover, if the movie turns out to be half as good as the older comics, Marvel Studios has an immediate success on their hands (if it’s more like the new Guardians comics, well… it’ll be ok). Guardians of the Galaxy hits theatres August 1st this year.

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