So, were we the only ones who didn’t know that Funimation acquired not just Eureka Seven, but Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers the Movie as well?? Guess it makes sense, but this is still news to us. Either way, the company recently posted the trailer for its upcoming Blu-ray and DVD combo pack release a couple days ago.

Eureka Seven the Movie was released back in 2009, and has received mixed reviews by all audiences due to one simple little change: while all the characters and names remain the same, the entire story is completely different. Renton is the one who works for Gekkostate and pilots the Nirvash, not Eureka. Everyone has either received personality or origin changes, and altogether this is a separate story from the main series. Admittedly, this was pretty strange for fans when it first came out, but considering where the show ended, there wasn’t a whole lot left for a movie sequel.

Well regardless, it’s still a welcome addition to the Funimation family of licensed titles. And at the very least, it’s a better story than Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean. *shudders* Both Eureka Seven and the movie will be released on April 22nd later this year!!

EDIT: Fixed the BD/DVD release dates for both Eureka Seven and the movie. Thanks, ekamy!

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