Just a few hours ago, IGN posted the newest trailer for Season 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, now aptly named, “The Lost Missions.” The entire 13-episode season will premiere on Netflix later this year (and honestly, hasn’t Netflix become a haven for ALL beloved TV series that can’t air on cable? i.e. Arrested Development). 

The sixth season is said to focus on the “mysteries behind the timeless conflict between the light and dark sides of the force.” Anakin and Padme’s relationship is tested, Order 66 comes to fruition, and Yoda finally makes his fateful journey to Dagobah. Shortly after the airing of season five’s finale a year ago and Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, series director Dave Filoni announced that the show had come to an end. However, there was still material being worked on for a sixth season, whose plans of release were held quiet until just recently. As a side note, Netflix will also be streaming director’s cut episodes and commentaries never before seen on television.

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