Here we are on the final stretch to the finale of Kill la Kill, and it still seems that our unlucky heroine just can’t catch a break. She’s been manipulated, tortured, mind-controlled and even stripped of her humanity, and now it seems Ryuko is about to walk down a path from which she can’t return.

Shaken by the revelation that Ragyo Kiryuin is her mother and that she is not human, Ryuko has become a force fueled by anger and obsessed with revenge (again). She’s even abandoned Senketsu out of disgust and, against the pleas of her beloved friends and allies, has set out to go fight Ragyo and Nui Harime on her own. Which is clearly a trap. But it’s Ryuko, so we don’t expect any less, and lately her life has just been seven different kinds of suck. As the half life-fiber avenger makes her way to Honnouji Academy (on one hell of a hot rod, might we add), the others are left to consider their options of attack against Ragyo. Without Ryuko, their hopes are pretty much sunk… that is, until they discover where Satsuki is being imprisoned and decide to embark upon a daring prison break. All they have to do is go in, grab her and get out, right? Couldn’t be too hard.

Or, maybe not. Needless to say, like every other Kill la Kill episode for the past few weeks, this one manages to also end in one big shitstorm of a plot twist. We won’t reveal it here in case any of you haven’t seen this episode yet (which is downright blasphemous. Go watch it now), but the most mind-blowing concept that fans should realize here is that the roles have now reversed. The original plot devices of our characters have just been completely turned on their heads, which was enough to get the entire team jumping out of our chairs and screaming like little girls at this episode’s conclusion. Furthermore, the question that’s racing through our minds is: HOW THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO KILL RAGYO?? She can’t even die now, apparently! She’s merged with the Primordial Life Fiber or whatever the fuck they call it, so now she’s the most invincible antagonist we’ve seen since Madara from Naruto (she’s also the worst parent we’ve seen since Gendo Ikari). 

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: the best part of this show is that you can never see what’s coming next. Kill la Kill never ceases to amaze, and every episode is now a damn cliffhanger for us. Only when this happens is it clear that the story has escalated to all-new levels. And the best is still sure to come as we eagerly anticipate the next episode, which will feature the next showdown between Satsuki and Ryuko!! 

-The A7 Team

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