Welp, glad I bought that PS4 now. Sony announced yesterday at GDC 14 their new Virtual Reality headset, dubbed “Project Morpheus,” which they’ll be developing for the PS4 and making it compatible with Playstation Move, Playstation Camera and Dualshock 4. Yes, it’s really just another Oculus Rift, but the fact that they’re making it strictly for PS4 has me interested. Sony knows they’re not the first to develop such a tool, and credit OR for giving them inspiration for this project.

Today, Sony is allowing developers and press to try out the headset prototype, so you’ll be hearing impressions from news outlets soon enough. There are a few (good) games being experimented on with Morpheus, and Sony will soon be looking to release the headset to developers so they can start making games. Developers already on board include Epic Games and Crytek, and two titles are already supporting Morpheus: Eve Valkyrie and Thief.

Specs involve a 1080p display with 90-degree field view, 15mm eye relief, 1000hz display, full 360-degree movement, and supports forward prediction. What could set Morpheus apart from the Oculus Rift, however, could be the “ease-of-access” of their headset. Sony intends for the headset’s tracking to be handled by PS Move and Playstation Camera, and it will also utilize the Dualshock 4’s glowing light and sensors. The developer’s intent is to make VR playability as easy as slipping the headset on and just diving right into a game. Which, honestly, sounds a lot nicer and more hassle-free compared to any kind of long setup each time you want to turn the damn thing on.

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