The trailer for Detective Conan’s 20th anniversary special, Detective Conan: The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History, was posted online yesterday along with a plot summary. 

Written by Kenji Uchida, acclaimed Japanese director and avid Conan fan, Conan accompanies Ran and friends to a local bath house where they encounter “a legendary hitman.” Conan attempts to follow the hitman around and find some leads, but slips and hits his head, resulting in complete amnesia. Captured by the hitman in question and without any memory of who he is, Conan officially disappears and the rest of his friends must crack the case without him. 

While most of the A7 Team are Conan fans (especially Drew and Matt), none of us are even close to halfway through the TV series. Still, we’re  putting our money down that this isn’t the first time Conan’s lost his memory. Regardless, it’s Conan and people can’t seem to get enough of the show, so whatever. The special will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Gosho Aoyama’s manga, and will premiere sometime later this year.

EDIT: Turns out we were wrong! This will officially be the first time that Conan experiences amnesia. Guess that’s why we never go gambling on our off days. Thanks for the heads up, fujisaki-yuusuke!

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