…..Well fuck.

Even though Transformers: Age of Extinction just premiered in theatres last week, pre-orders have already gone up for its release on Blu-ray and DVD. However, Amazon has an exclusive Blu-ray set you can pre-order that comes with a highly detailed and sculpted statue of Optimus riding on the back of Grimlock with that sword he stole from King Arthur. The statue altogether is about 7 inches tall by 9 inches wide, and is based directly off the 3D models from the movie. 

Despite how much Michael Bay has milked Transformers for over the years, he still manages to get our money one way or another. I mean, it’s a fucking statue of GRIMLOCK(with Optimus). HOW COOL IS THAT?? Cool enough to make even Andre 3000 put on a sweater. If you can stay strong enough to resist such a tempting pre-order exclusive, good for you. That means you have self control and good spending habits. If not, feel free to throw your $80 at Amazon’s face right here.

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