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Damn straight! Both Lucina and Robin have joined the roster of playable characters for Nintendo’s newest installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, as well as returning veteran fighter Captain Falcon. Oh c’mon, you knew he was coming back too.

Lucina and Robin both hail from Fire Emblem: Awakening, the newest game in the series for 3DS which released over a year ago. Lucina is the future daughter of the game’s main protagonist, Chrom, whom can be seen lying on the ground in pain during the above trailer (ha). Lucina travels back in time and disguises herself as Marth, the Hero King, in order to shield her identity. Robin is the player’s avatar in Awakening, which is why there is both a male and female skin for the character. 

Analyzing both character’s movesets, Lucina appears to be mainly a sword fighter with many similar attacks to Marth. It is still unclear just how different her attacks will be from his. Meanwhile, Robin is a spellcaster that uses many various and powerful spells from the Fire Emblem series as well as switch between both his bronze sword and his Levin sword. Robin’s spells are referred to as tomes, and he mentions during the trailer that he can only use them so much during battle, which leads to speculation on how many tomes can be used before a limit is reached.

Not much is yet known about either of these two newcomers, but we can at least say this: Thank God there’s now a spellcaster in the game. This is gonna be a lot of fun. As a side note, it was originally rumored on the NeoGaf forums that Chrom was indeed going to be a new playable character in SSB4. Instead, it appears Chrom will be either an assist trophy or Robin’s final smash. This is just an example of Creator Masahiro Sakurai’s usual irony and knack for throwing us a curveball. We got TWO new Fire Emblem characters, and NEITHER of them were the one fans expected. We’ve had a lot of oddball characters announced for this new game, but this is just funny. Hopefully we’ll hear more about Lucina and Robin’s movesets, but for now, let’s just enjoy watching the new trailer over and over again.

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