Hot off the heels of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’ theatrical success last year, DBZ manga creator Akira Toriyama has officially announced a new movie will be premiering in Japan in 2015. However, compared to the previous movie, Toriyama is VERY enthusiastic about this new story.

Akira Toriyama is personally credited with producing the original story concept, entirely new character designs, and the entire screenplay for this new movie. Like Battle of Gods, this will be a new story that Toriyama intends to be a continuation of the manga’s original serialization. Heck, he’s even obsessing over small details such as individual dialogue lines! Toriyama is very heavily involved in the production of this new film, which hopefully promises that it will be worth watching. Toriyama is very confident that fans will enjoy the movie and promises many more action scenes with a story that, while still secret, will be “utterly funny.”

Despite how many times we’ve rewatched the original Dragon Ball Z series, all of these promises and the immense amount of work Toriyama is putting into the film is definitely making us look forward to it. Guess that means we’ll go check out Battle of Gods in movie theatres this August to tide ourselves over.

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