I just can’t stop laughing.

This is fucking awesome. I’m so excited I might actually go replay that cheesy Deadpool game High Moon made a couple years back. 20th Century Fox announced today that they’re officially going forward and making a movie for everybody’s favorite merc with a mouth. And guess what, Fox even announced a release date: February 12th, 2016.

Damn straight, Valentine’s Day Weekend.

The reason for Deadpool’s movie finally making its way out of development hell? Some folks might remember that little ol’ bit of test footage that made its way onto the internet a couple months back. The original project had been canned, so somebody put it up and figured that’d be that. But man, did the internet love the hell out of those 2 minutes. It embodied everything a Deadpool movie should be- absurdity, decapitation, vehicular carnage, and lots of bad puns. Fox must’ve noticed this, and good on them for it! Bets are also on the table that Ryan Reynolds will probably be reprising his role for the solo movie, and he should. Who better to play Wade Wilson than Van Wilder himself?

For more info on the announcement, read on here

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