The galaxy’s most Dandy guy in space may have just finished his run last night, but that didn’t stop some fans from asking Adult Swim’s Toonami block during their website’s Q&A today if more Space Dandy was in the works. Toonami didn’t know for sure either, because Studio Bones hasn’t made any kind of announcement yet. However, they did have this to say:

“We can’t really say, because that question hasn’t been answered definitively. It’s quite possible Dandy will be back as a movie or OVA, less likely that there will be a new series. We hope for more Dandy, though!”

So there’s still hope yet! For those of you who tuned in to see the finale last night, you would know that another adventure is actually more than possible. Space Dandy is the kind of show where the writers and animators can do pretty much whatever the hell they want. The plot has no constraints, and neither does the timeline or setting. Nothing is definite, and anything can happen. We certainly hope for more, as these past 26 episodes have been an unforgettable thrill ride of hilarity.

Toonami also officially announced today that Bleach will be replaced by Dragon Ball Z Kai after finishing its run on November 8th. Fans have asked which show they plan to replace Attack on Titan with, but the block remains tight-lipped on that front right now. Toonami will also be airing another month of movies this December, but has not disclosed which movies will be shown yet. Chances are, Evangelion 3.33 is not one of them. There should be more Toonami news on the way within the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Picture via Critcal Hit!!

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