Adult Swim’s Toonami block announced today on their tumblr page that unfortunately they will not be getting the rights to air all ten OVAs of Hellsing Ultimate. The reasons are still unclear, but it appears the decision was sadly out of their hands.

Here is the Toonami staff’s original announcement:

“So…when we started out we were told we were getting all 10 Hellsing Ultimates. And it turns out we aren’t. Sorry. We encourage you to finish the story where you can find it. We will always try to do our best, but sometimes that isn’t good enough. Enjoy it while it’s on.”

Hellsing Ultimate will air its 8th OVA on November 11th before being taken off the air and replaced. Funimation has licensed Hellsing Ultimate and will release the 9th and 10th OVAs on October 28th, as well as release the previous eight in two box sets. To see the announcement and new airing schedules in the weeks to come, check it out on Toonami’s tumblr here.

On the brighter side of things, Inuyasha: The Final Act will be airing on Toonami starting November 15th, replacing Hellsing Ultimate in the 2:00am timeslot. Toonami states that there shouldn’t be many edits, but some will be done if a TV-MA rating is required. 

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