Earlier today Bungie officially gave a release date and included new features for Destiny’s first expansion, “The Dark Below.” It will be available on December 9th of 2014, just under a month and two weeks away.

Although the number of new features it offers isn’t anywhere close to the Super Smash Bros.’ “50 Fact Extravaganza” we witnessed earlier this week, there’s still enough to have you satisfied till the second expansion hits. Including new gear, story missions, and quests, there’s even a new strike located in the old Cosmodrome where you face Omnigul and her Hive army, who are preparing for their master Crota’s return.

Meanwhile in the Crucible, there are three new arenas to test your strength against your fellow Guardians. The Cauldron, a close quarters arena in an abandoned Hive ritual site; Skyshock, an old interplanetary defense array which allows for vehicles engagement; and finally, Pantheon, which lies in an ancient Vex temple deep within the Black Garden, featuring both tight corridors and open warfare.

Along with the new gear comes an increased light level cap- up to level 32, which you will most certainly need to face Crota, the final boss of the new raid. For those who’ve grown bored with the only raid currently available, have reached the max level, and collected the best gear, this expansion definitely provides a breath of fresh air.


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