The extremely popular anime Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is crossing over with the Marvel universe, according to Marvel’s Senior VP of Creative and Creator Development C.B. Cebluski.

Originally announced via Cebluski’s twitter, Japanese pop-culture magazine Brutus revealed that the magazine will feature a story in the style of Marvel’s long-running “What If…?” series, in which the Female Titan from the show and manga attacks the streets of Marvel’s New York City and faces off with the Avengers. Along with the announcement, Cebluski released a black-and-white image of two specific titans from the show along with Spider-Man in the streets of New York.

Known for its graphic violence and dark storyline, Attack on Titan may seem like an odd fit for a crossover with the superhero-filled Marvel universe. So outlandish was the concept that Cebluski felt the need to clarify that he was serious: “Not a joke, folks! Attack on Titan and the @Marvel Universe are crossing over!”

Marvel Comics have had a long history of collaboration with Japanese media, dating back as far as their 1977 Godzilla ongoing, featuring the titular lizard’s battles with various superhero teams. More recently, Marvel heroes have been featured in a series of Madhouse-animated shows featuring Iron Man, Wolverine, X-men, and Blade, and the toy series and tie-in show Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers from Bandai, Toei Animation and Disney Japan. Cebluski himself has ties to the anime industry through a former position as an editor with Central Park Media. He originally teased the project upon arriving home from a trip to Japan in late October, saying there was “Big news coming soon that will blow the minds of @Marvel & manga fans!”

The cross-over is one of many spin-off projects for the Attack on Titan manga, such as two upcoming animated films, a live-action film, and several manga including a series that re-imagines the characters as junior high school students.

The issue of Brutus featuring the story will be released on November 15th.

-Edward (Left Knee of A7)

Picture via C.B. Cebluski’s twitter, @CBCebluski

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