The Eon Ticket event from the original Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire games which takes players to Southern Island and activates the Latios/Latias event is returning for the 3DS remakes later this month.

In the US, players previously had to use e-Readers (remember those? Good times…) to receive the Eon Ticket. Now, players will be able to receive the ticket through Streetpassing others in possession of the ticket. 

A few lucky players will be the first to receive the ticket on November 21st through distribution events. Among the first will also be Pokemon League Leaders, Play! Pokemon Organizers and local Streetpass Group heads. From there these players will spread the ticket to others. The Eon Ticket will allow trainers to sail to Southern Island from Slateport City, and either Latios (Alpha Sapphire) or Latias (Omega Ruby) will be waiting there to battle depending on your version. Latios/Latias will also be holding the Soul Dew, which increases their Special Attack and Special Defense by 50%.

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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