With less than a week to go before launch day, you would think we’ve gotten all information we could possibly get about Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, but the surprises keep coming. A new storyline has been revealed: the “Delta Episode”.

We assume that this is a post-game storyline similar to the Looker storyline in the post-game of X and Y. The “Delta Episode” introduces a new trainer named Zinnia (pictured center) who could be a strong ally or a tough rival. This storyline will also help unravel the mysteries of Mega Evolution.

            This event begins with an asteroid falling to Hoenn, and since no one else in the region can handle this situation, it looks like it’s up to the hero/heroine to save the day. Luckily, you’ll get help from Steven Stone (pictured far left) and Wallace of Sootopolis City (pictured far right). And of course, what better way to combat an object from space than with the power of the Pokémon of the Sky, Rayquaza. Meanwhile, Team Aqua/Team Magma are also causing trouble again, stealing Key Stones from trainers including our friend Wally. Will you be able to save the world and defeat Team Aqua/Team Magma? Find out when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are released on Nov. 21.

            In other news, more legendary Pokémon can be found in the games. Most of the legendary trios will appear as well as legendaries like Heatran and Cresselia. And it wouldn’t be a Hoenn game without the Regi-trio’s braille puzzle quest. After capturing all three, you’ll be able to find and capture Regigigas. You can watch the announcement video here.

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