Ninjas, explosions, and a complete retake on the superhero playboy? Let me tell ya about Ninjak #1.

Let me start of by saying that if you’re a big fan of Batman, and you’re a big fan of Deathstroke, then Ninjak is the perfect comic for you. Intrigued? I thought you might be. Ninjak #1 was written by Mark Moretti, penciled by Joe Quesada, inked by Jimmy Palmiotti, and published by Valiant Comics. It’s about Colin King, who is a sophisticated playboy by day. But when night comes around, Colin King becomes elite superspy Ninjak. In issue #1, Ninjak is trying to stop a terrorist group called “Webnet,” led by the devilish and sickly mastermind Dr. Silk. We don’t learn a whole lot about Ninjak, but we do realize that he is awesome. What I like most about Ninjak is how he is a concept that has been done before, but he feels so fresh and new. That’s saying a lot, because Ninjak is twenty one years old. Ninjak is one of the coolest comic book ninjas ever, not only because is he a master of swinging his sword and doing cool flips, but also because he has a brain. There’s a part where he takes out a little disk, throws it, and turns out all the lights in a room. I love it when stuff like that happens in comics. It’s also pretty obvious that when Ninjak whips out his swords, no goon with a gun is ever going to stop him. Ninjak also has one of the coolest costumes I have ever seen. The purple and gold samurai/ninja hybrid armor is a sight to behold. The artwork is also truly spectacular, with bright and dark colors mixing harmonically like a symphony of artistic badassery. I mean the artwork was done by Joe Quesada, so of course the artwork is spectacular. A good example of this can be found in the first half of the comic, when Ninjak takes on a group of Webnet members as they try to obtain some missile launchers. Dr. Silk is also a very creepy and evil villain. He isn’t seen much in issue #1, but when he does show up you can tell by his crooked and slimy grin that this is the kind of guy who wants to rule the world. When Colin King isn’t being Ninjak, he is the ultimate bad boy playboy. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to steal Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend. The end of the issue sees Ninjak in great peril, which is an awesome way to end a comic book.

In conclusion Ninjak is the perfect comic for someone who is looking for something new and bold. If you are looking for a comic book with awesome characters and beautiful artwork, then Ninjak is the perfect comic for you. Ninjak is one of those cool but little known characters that needs to be talked about. Also Ninjak #1 is part of a two part story arc (review for part two coming soon).

SCORE: 9/10


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