Friday night at the Video Game Awards, developer Hello Games revealed their latest teaser for the revolutionary space travel game No Man’s Sky, showing off new mechanics like warping.

More worlds were showcased in the trailer, and like all our glimpses of the game before, they look gorgeous. The trailer was streamed in real-time at the show, boasting its streamlined world traveling that takes a player directly into a planet’s atmosphere. Hello Games explained on their website the five different ways players can travel throughout the game: walking across planets, flying in atmospheres, jetting into space, warping between systems, and finding mysterious portals which will take them to unknown destinations. New wildlife was also included in the latest trailer, giving gamers a better idea of what kinds of exotic lifeforms they’ll encounter as they travel. 

Unfortunately, this teaser also has yet to reveal what else players will do besides simply travelling throughout the game’s galaxy, explaining little more than last year’s VGX trailer did. Many fans are still confused on what No Man’s Sky’s purpose is, and while exploration seems to be the most pivotal experience of Hello Games’ brainchild, hopefully more about its premise and gameplay mechanics will be revealed soon.

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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