For those of you unfortunate enough to miss out on stellar trailers that debuted during The Video Game Awards this past Friday, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. One such trailer came from the folks at From Software, and it’s safe to say that jaws were dropped.

In a move that shocked no one (given the high esteem for which many hold towards their Dark Souls franchise) the trailer for Bloodborne hit us with a deluge of stunning graphical fidelity with unnerving footage only director Hidetaka Miyazaki could have imagined.

If you’re in the market for a game with an established heritage of exhausting levels of difficulty, and you’re also not one to pass up the opportunity for your character to get soaked in the endless amount of enemy blood, then Bloodborne should be well and truly fixed on your radar. Oh, and don’t worry, for all the blood and guts that are featured, the lighting effects that have been put to work look like some of the best around, which is always nice to see.

Don’t forget that Bloodborne was also shown off at Sony’s first annual PlayStation Experience last weekend, so many new details are working their way around in anticipation for the game’s early 2015 release in February.


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