The living, breathing game world of Destiny will be expanding into multiple sequels, and your characters are coming along for the ride.

During an interview with IGN, David Dague stated that characters will transfer over into the sequel when it is released, which Bungie later confirmed. Good news for anyone who’s gotten attached to their Guardian since first being revived by the friendly little ghost that found them in the game’s prologue. Dague is no exception either, stating: “I’m hoping that I have a long story relationship with my Dead Orbit-loyal Warlock. I’ve gotten a little bit attached to that little guy.”

On the topic of story relationship, some have felt that there is a certain lacking to the experience. The expansion “The Dark Below” will feature a singular story arc where Dague says, “it’s a more unified experience. Instead of sending you from planet to planet, bouncing from place to place, fighting different enemies for different reasons.”

This more direct story will hopefully lead to more fleshed out protagonists which can be identified with, ultimately making people want their characters in the sequel, and not just the gear that they’ve earned.


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