The family’s back together again in Book 4 episode 10 of The Legend of Korra, “Operation Beifong,” and features more earthbending action than you can shake a stick at. Lin and Opal team up with Bolin to rescue the rest of the Beifong family, while Korra attempts to convince the spirits to help defend Republic City.

Toph shows up to help the Beifongs as well, as they break into the prison hidden beneath the factory where the spirit-vine weapon is being produced. Similarly to the pervious episode, this episode did an excellent job of illustrating how good the crew behind Korra has become at intertwining action, character interactions and plot progression all at once. Having the spirit vine weapon present at the scene of the prison break allowed them to progress that plot point, as well as solve the uncertainty behind Zhu Li’s actions at the same time as getting the captured Beifong’s back. On top of all that, we got some fantastic fight footage from the earthbender group, Su in particular. Lin’s fight with her mother seemed a bit unnecessary, seeing as we already did a “Lin is mad at her family because of the past” storyline last season, but it was handled quickly, and we did get a name for Lin’s father out of it, closing the door on a few fan theories.

Korra and Republic City comparatively got so little screen time that it seems as though those scenes were simply put there to remind the audience what Korra was up to, but I have no issues with an episode that mostly focuses on our side characters. Some developments were made, however, such as Republic City’s president wanting Varrick and Asami to develop a spirit vine weapon of their own.

All in all, this was another top-notch episode for the series. It’s sad to see the show ending so soon when it really feels like the team behind it has really figured out how to make a great episode, but at least I have no doubt that we’ll get a fantastic finale to send it off with.

SCORE: 9.5/10

-Edward (Left Knee of A7)

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