Famed Summer Wars and Digimon: The Movie director Mamoru Hosoda announced during a press conference in Tokyo that he is creating and directing a new film, titled Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast).

During the press conference, Hosoda described the movie’s plot to be “a training story about a boy who was separated by his parents and becomes a disciple of a bakemono (supernatural creature).” He goes on to state that it will be a “traditional, yet novel story.” Bakemono no Ko will be set in the city district of Shibuya, Tokyo, which Hosoda explained he specifically chose for the fact that not many Japanese films take place in this town, despite its cultural popularity, and also because of how greatly Shibuya differs with the spiritual world. “Even though it’s a famous place, it’ll be novel as a movie setting,” Hosoda remarked.

The plot of Hosoda’s new movie will follow a boy who one day becomes lost in the spiritual world and becomes the disciple of the bakemono Kumatetsu, where he is renamed Kyuta. It is emphasized in the plot that the human realm, Shibuya, and the spiritual realm, Jutengai, must never intersect with one another. Bakemono no Ko is planned for theatrical release on July 11th, 2015 and will be his second film with Studio Chizu after creating Wolf Children. General Producer Seiji Okuda of NTV will be producing Hosoda’s new movie as done in the past with Summer Wars and Wolf Children. We will update as more information surfaces, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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