The annual Jump Festa 2015 event being held by Shonen Jump in Japan has released the newest gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV, courtesy of Square Enix.

More cinematics and combat footage are present in this latest trailer, showing off some sweet highway battles against enemy soldiers and some city locales players will visit during the game’s highlighted road trip. We even get to see a new boss enemy at the trailer’s end, which is basically the size of an Olympian God (and kinda looks like one too). But most notably, we finally get to hear the English dubbed voices of our main characters and… well, why Noctis sounds so angry during his lines is confusing, but the English dub appears to still be in progress as we speak. A new character named Cindy also makes her debut in this trailer, and while we only get to see her briefly, she appears to be a mechanic (which means players could possibly go to her for car maintenance).

Some brief story details are mentioned during the dialogue in the beginning, so we’re also finally getting an idea of what’s going on in FFXV. But what’s most exciting is that heart-racing musical score they’ve crafted for during battle sequences, which just makes me want to play those highway battles right freaking now. Not many other details have surfaced about Final Fantasy XV yet, but it’s great to know this game is making some serious headway in terms of development.

Fans can expect to play the “Episode Duscae” game demo when purchasing first print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PS4 next year. FFXV director Hajime Tabata also announced during Jump Festa that for fans who won’t be able to purchase first print copies of Type-0, there will be a free version of the demo available sometime after Episode Duscae is released; however, fans will still require Type-0 in order to play the demo.

-Andrew (Head of A7)

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