Hopefully arriving in January of 2015, Starbound’s next big update is going to bring a plethora of new content to the procedurally generated 2D platformer. Chucklefish is naming it the “Winter Update” which will be adding Novakids, a new playable race to choose from. Unfortunately the trailer didn’t have much more to say about them than their name.

That’s not all! While the trailer only showed off a few of the new items, there will be hundreds of them added to the game. One such item is fireworks, and who doesn’t love an explosion of colored sparks? Even though adding items is great, improving upon how the game actually plays is just as important. The developers are working on this by overhauling the combat system, with the inclusion of 360-degree melee aiming, parrying, shield breaking, and adding staves as a new weapon class. There will also be new enemy types to test the new and improved combat on.

The trailer lists many other new features as well. Such as new biomes, ship upgrades, quests and missions, a new tech system, and an A.I. for your ship. There’s even bug catching, so don’t be afraid to let out your inner bug collector when the update hits.


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