After what has taken the best part of a week to fix, Sony’s perpetually troubled PlayStation Network appears to have been stabilized and restored back to its original semi-functioning self. 

Thanks to the malicious attacks performed by the notorious Lizard Squad (seriously, that’s their name) both PSN and Xbox Live suffered major periods of connectivity outage just in time for the slew of shiny new consoles that appeared under many Christmas trees around the globe. It seems that, despite having their members attacked by ‘good hackers’–The Finest Squad, which resulted in a well documented FBI case–Lizard Squad delivered on their promise to attack both networks as their joint gift to Sony and Microsoft. Naturally, many gamers who received new systems or games for Christmas were upset, and a very special few went so far as to call 911 about the network outage.

Towards the end of last week, PSN gradually woke up from its slumber, but the beast that began to rise was not pretty. In its groggy state, PS3 and PS Vita devices had intermittent success when attempting to get back online, whereas the majority of PS4 systems were still out cold.

By December 29th, Sony claimed that everything was back to how it should be for all users across all systems. However, some players (including me) found that PSN was still misbehaving on their PS4 by that date. Thankfully, December 30th reportedly has accommodated any remaining players still experiencing issues.

During the last week, many instances of goodwill have been implemented to make up for lost time. Rockstar announced that their “GTA Online: Festive Surprise” event would be extended until the New Year to give players who missed out during Christmas the chance to cause merry havoc. And for those of you who haven’t given up on Destiny, exotic weapon merchant Xür stuck around in The Tower for an extra couple of days longer than he would usually put up with. Sony also managed to extend its flash sale on the PlayStation Store, so feel free to spend money on discounted games and movies to help mend Sony’s incredibly bad luck these past months!


Picture via Kotaku

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