It is now 2015, and I couldn’t be happier. You see, a certain sequel to a certain franchise is coming out this year, and that movie is… Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death. Just kidding, IT’S STAR WARS EPISODE VII! But because it doesn’t hit theatres until December, we’re left with the question of how to satiate our Star Wars craving until then. Personally, I think that the best thing for any eager Star Wars fan is to head over to your local comic shop or bookstore and pick up a copy of The Star Wars.

The Star Wars was written by George Lucas and J. W. Rinzler, illustrated by Mike Mayhew and Rain Beredo, lettering by Michael Heisler, cover art by Nick Runge, and was published by Dark Horse comics. I’ll start off by saying that the artwork is wonderful and looks like how it should—epic, grand, and totally Star Wars. The reason why you should read this particular comic right away is because The Star Wars is an adaptation of the original, rough-draft screenplay of Star Wars.

 Now, The Star Wars in my opinion is three separate things. First off, it is an epic masterpiece from start to finish. Its spaces battles are awesome, its lightsaber duels are lightsaber to the max, its characters are well developed and memorable, and it just gives ya good feelings. Secondly, it is an example of the script writing process. The original rough-draft screenplay of Star Wars is nothing like the Star Wars that we know and love. In fact, it’s dramatic how different The Star Wars is from what Star Wars became. Now I don’t want to spoil everything (which is why I’ve neglected to mention anything about the plot), so I’m going to tell you the five most interesting differences in this book:

  • Han Solo is a big green alien
  • The main Sith villain is named Prince Espaa Valorum
  • Both Jedi and Sith use red lightsabers
  • Stormtroopers are more menacing and use white lightsabers as well as blasters
  • The main character is not Luke

Third, The Star Wars is a possible starting point for a Star Wars multiverse. This is something that I have wanted to see for a few years now, because it could lead to more comics like The Star Wars being made. Adaptations and reinterpretations of Star Wars characters and stories would lead to years of creativity and build the franchise into becoming something even bigger than it is now. It could also inspire people to create their own science fiction stories by testing their creativity on the beloved franchise. Overall it would just lead to more writing, which is something that desperately needs to happen.

All in all, The Star Wars is the best Star Wars graphic novel that every fan needs to be reading right now, especially since Star Wars Episode VII is coming out this year.

I would in closing also like to wish all you Advent Seven fans a Happy New Year. 2015 is looking to be a game changer, and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store.

SCORE: 9/10


You can check out more comic book reviews by Julian on his tumblr page here.

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